New Year, Who Dis?

Here we are, friends. A brand new year, another journey ‘round the sun completed.

By now you’re well into week 2 of your new year’s resolutions and hopefully you’ve found yourself uplifted by the prospect of turning over a new leaf.

I love this time of year, when reinventing ourselves is seen as a way to start anew and better ourselves. It also gives us time to connect to ourselves and ask what we really want out of life.

As a philosopher, I do this on the daily which is a gift and a curse.

(“How should I live out today? Am I making the best use of my time? Should I go outside and connect with nature? YOLO, right? Or is it Memento Mori? What’s the difference, really? Oh, I should probably just stay in and watch BuzzFeed videos on auto-play all day while eating peanut butter on a spoon…”)

But, there’s something about a new year and all its possibilities that we can become whomever we want to be, start on page one, own our story, and so forth that’s truly invigorating.

So, my wish to everyone this fine January is that you embrace this moment of collective rebirth as an opportunity to look inside and ask how you can better grow and improve lives of all kinds.

And I thank you for being a part of my community of creative and glowing spirits.

With warmth and light in the days ahead…


Jennifer Onorati

Web designer and digital marketing strategist for artists.